Disconnecting | Reconnecting

This post isn’t really about raising explorers. It’s a little personal reflection, getting in touch with nature kind of post, disconnecting to re-connect and all that. It could also just be titled “Going Bush” or “Escape to the Country”, but I like my cliches techno.

We arrived home yesterday from a week-long stay at a farm in the bush with no Internet. Well, there was this spot in the back room, no more than a couple of centimetres from the window, where a bar might pop up now and then, but it wasn’t good for much. That meant no Facebook, no email, and no blogging. Alright, so a few days into our stay we worked out that there was a hotspot in the corner of the kitchen, next to the dusty teapot, but I didn’t use it much. Well, not too much. I didn’t even update my status from the farm! Not once!

Don’t get me wrong, I am nature girl; “I’d rather be a forest than a street” and all that. I love the outdoors, trekking mountains and jungles and canyons and camping out are things I love. I just also have a slight attachment these days to the online world. That said, it was definitely good for me to get away. Although disconnecting was a little (read: very) nauseatingly weird at first, I got the hang of it and found myself feeling quite liberated. Kids and hubby off chasing sheep, I sat alone on a hill overlooking the farm dam, wine in hand, with nothing but my thoughts to keep me company. I even think I may have had an original one (a thought, that is), but I can’t remember what it was now. Oh well. The view was spectacular, anyway.IMG_9828

Spending time with family (my parents, sis and bro-in-law and their kids came along, so P and B had cousins to play with, and we had adults with whom to share conversation, and a few bottles of red), breathing the mountain air, chilly and fresh, the tantalising aromas of woodsmoke and cow dung on the breeze, and just the general tranquility of the place (not unlike the famed Bonnydoon) were restorative remedies for a busy life.

Stay tuned for another post about our farmstay. It was a hoot for the kids – I have to tell you all about our little explorers!

Note: reading books on my iPad doesn’t count as using a device, ok? There’s nothing quite like sitting by a campfire, or in a little clearing amid knee-high grass, next to the sheep and wombat poo, iPad in hand, devouring a novel. It looks weird, but get used to it. It’s the future, people!


3 thoughts on “Disconnecting | Reconnecting

  1. Your post seemed to reflect such a similar situation to mine that I had to respond! I’ve just come back from a holiday camping on a beach in the middle of nowhere, one lonely, intermittent bar showing up every now and then to taunt me…I also went with my extended family and we had a fabulous time. We had 9 nights on an isolated, pristine little bay all to ourselves and by the 5th night my brain had finally settled from the real-world, frantic pace I’m used to to quiet, peaceful satisfaction with the world. Do you find that you get so busy you really don’t have time to think? I read books and spent time reflecting and I had moments of fantastic clarity (about work, mostly!) that I wouldn’t otherwise really have time to mull over. I’m going back to school with some great new ideas to try and I feel like I’m actually recharged. Keep posting, I really enjoy reading your blog. I need to pull my finger out and update mine! Got lots of ideas…

    • It seems we have a lot in common! Your holiday spot sounds amazing!! Thanks for the great feedback. I know what you mean about lots of ideas, but it’s so hard ot get posts written during school time. I just published a post that I have been working on in snatches of time over the past week. Looking forward to your next post, too!

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