Hi, I’m Lisa.

Mum. English teacher. Booklover. Traveller. Great big greenie.

I started writing Raising Explorers a few years ago when I was working part time and spending the rest of my time with my pre-school aged twins. It was a little creative outlet, which morphed into a bit of a family travel blog as we set out on family adventures at home in Australia and overseas. These days I’m back teaching full time and the kids are at school, so the old blog sits here a little bit neglected. Only when we’re travelling do I get a chance to write.

Here’s us – it’s got to be my favourite family photo of all time.

Explore away!



5 thoughts on “About

  1. Just discovered your blog, and am so happy i did! My daughter is 2.5, and we are always dreaming of travelling with her! Looking around your blog now for inspiration!

  2. Just discovered this blog. Am up with jetlag at the start of our Malaysian adventure. It’s me, my husband and our 4 year old.
    Just about the most useful site I’ve visited! Even tips on where my husband can get a beer!!

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