Chiang Rai on the fly

We’re in South-East Asia again – this time spending a month exploring Laos – so Chiang Rai in north-east Thailand was a one-night stopover point on the journey to the northern Thai-Lao border.

Chiang Rai itself doesn’t have a lot of attractions. It’s commonly used as an entryway into the Golden Triangle – the convergence of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos famously known for its opium production – or as a rest stop en route to the Laos border, as we used it. Of course, there is a profusion of wats (Buddhist temples) and an inviting night market. We managed to explore a little bit of the city on the afternoon of our stay.

As we wandered, the kids couldn’t go past the ‘Cat ‘n’ a Cup Cafe’, where you can enjoy a waffle tower and beverage amid a herd of cats. Phoebe and Blake we’re very keen for everyone back home to check this out.

Cat n a cup

Cat ‘n’ a Cup Cafe

Cat n a cup Chiang rai

Although we missed the Easter Hat Parade at school, we managed to do some parading of our own.

Chiang Rai Thailand


Wat Chet Yot was at the end of our street.

Wat Chet Yot Chiang Rai

Poor Phoebe wasn’t very happy that she and I couldn’t go in as we didn’t come prepared with our shoulders covered. Blake and Stephen had a quick look.

Wat Chet Yot Chiang Rai

And we promised Phoebe there’d be plenty more wats on our travels. They loved the ornate dragons.


A wander through the night market and some market food topped off a busy afternoon.

Chiang Rai night market

Chiang Rai night Market

Next stop, Huay Xai, Laos.

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