The top five reasons why kids (and parents) love Peppa Pig

Dear Peppa Pig,

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

(Note to readers unfamiliar with Peppa: ‘Peppa Pig’ is a TV show, which has inexplicable powers of preschool mind control… in a good way… I think.)

1. Jumping in muddy puddles

This skill is dreadfully important during an east coast low.

Practising this skill will also assist when passing buses splash mud all over small children. Just laugh and remind them of their hero Peppa Pig’s affection for mud and how lucky they are to have it splattered on their faces.

peppa pig muddy puddles

2. Group guffawing whilst lying on backs

Hilariously, at the end of many episodes, Peppa, George and their friends and family, end up lying, cockroach-like, on their backs, giggling hysterically.

“Why do they fall over, Mummy?”

“They just laugh so hard they can’t stand up!”

Can anything beat rolling on the floor, laughing? I don’t think so. ROFL beats LOL.


3. Peppa Pig has a car-boat

Never, since Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, have we seen such effective transformative transportation.

peppa pig boat car

Plus, skull and crossbones. Pirates = cool.

4. Laughs for the mums and dads

Irony: In my favourite episode, which is my favourite episode because I’m a great big greenie, the Pig family go camping, and Daddy Pig pulls out a TV so he can watch a nature documentary about a bird. He shoos an actual, real bird (that’s shoos, not shoots) who perches atop the TV, as it is interrupting his view of the birdy nature onscreen. Later, at the insistence of the eternally-clever Mummy Pig, he realises the error of his ways, turns off the TV and enjoys a picnic at the highly-entertaining “Duck Land”.

I’m not sure that the kids get the irony, but they do understand that jumping in muddy puddles is hilarious.

See point one.

I couldn’t get Google to cough up a picture of this, sorry.

Hilarious jokes at Daddy’s expense: Daddy’s big fat tummy and smelly socks are particular standouts. Fun for mums everywhere. Here, Daddy’s big fat tummy prevents him from entering the cubby house. In an amusing twist, the secret code words to gain entry to the cubby house are, “Daddy’s big fat tummy”. Well, it’s either that or, “Daddy’s smelly socks”. It’s something derogatory about Daddy. Luckily, Daddy Pig doesn’t mind a joke at his own expense. Daddy Pig is a good sport. A big, oafish, clumsy good sport. Hilarious.

peppa daddy's big fat tummy

Oinking: Oinking is very funny. (Note that the camera shake during each oink in the opening credits increases exponentially with the size of the pig. That’s for you, mums and dads.)

5. Five-minute episodes

This is the piece de resistance. Perfection in 300 seconds.

Oh, I found the Camping Holiday episode! It’s 300 seconds well-spent, I guarantee.

The process: grab their attention with simply drawn characters and primary colours, make them laugh at funny British accents and highly entertaining jokes about being fat and smelly, jump in muddy puddles, fall about guffawing, and present a subtle, yet important, message, such as “don’t take a leaky boat out to sea”, or “you can’t always trust a GPS”, or “if you miss the school bus your teacher will drive you”, or “overdue library books are funny”, or “gazelles are French, because ‘gazelle’ seems like a French word”, or “steep hills are no match for a pig-powered tandem bike”, or “potatoes are funniest if they speak with a Spanish accent”. Clearly, I’m well versed.

When the closing credits roll (cue the glockenspiel), they’re screaming for more. Ah, iView, I salute you.

Thanks, Peppa Pig. You saved my bacon!

Yours sincerely,

Me (on behalf of mums and dads everywhere)

Do you have a favourite ‘Peppa Pig’ episode? Or is ‘Olivia’ more your style of pork?

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68 thoughts on “The top five reasons why kids (and parents) love Peppa Pig

  1. Hi Lisa, we totally love Peppa Pig in our house, too – even the 8 year old still enjoys it. Ever noticed how the Pig family are vegetarians without actually saying so (well it would be a bit awkward for them to be eating beef, lamb, and god forbid – pork, wouldn’t it?), so they eat corn on the cob, pancakes and vegetable soup. Go Peppa!

  2. Love Peppa Pig so much. Did you ever see Elves & Fairies made by the same peeps? Fantastic stuff.

    I always love “Grandpa Dog is Grandaddy Pig’s Best Friend”.

    I saw a blog the other day over analysing toddler TV way too much! You have restored my faith in parent’s ability to see some fun in these things.

      • This lady had a problem with Charlie and Lola teaching kids poor speech patterns. I had to sit on my hands so hard in order not to post a comment telling her she was a freak. Head butted the keyboard in order to click away from her site!

  3. LOVE IT LISA! For some reason the kids just adore this show – a shame it only goes for such a short time, they need to make a movie! I adore how Daddy Pig is portrayed and think that is why my kids have started calling the Husband Big Fat Dad, not that he is – okay so maybe he has a gut, but so do I! Em πŸ™‚

    • Peppa Pig the Movie! Nah, they could just do back to back episodes – a whole season on the big screen. There wouldn’t be an empty seat in the house! LOL @ big fat dad – just as long it they don’t start in on big fat mum, you’ll be right πŸ˜‰

  4. I love Peppa Pig as much as my kids, for all reasons stated above. Except for the degradation of males. I think that it is an unfortunate trend in television to mock the Dad’s, and although men often do leave themselves open to this, it’s not entirely healthy. Having said that, I’m glad Daddy Pig demonstrates how to not take criticism too seriously and beautifully illustrates how to laugh at oneself!

  5. I LOVE Peppa Pig. It’s one of my favourite shows. I mean, my girls’ favourites. Obviously. I struggle not to laugh every time they ROFL at the end, no matter how many times I (we) see it. We may have even re-enacted it. Or not. Of course not. That would be embarrassing.

  6. Love it! We are having a PP themed party for my almost one year old next week. She’s overtaken my life, luckily I love pink. And bacon. xx

  7. We are massive Peppa Pig fans in our house! I like Olivia too, but she ain’t got nothing on Peppa. My fave ep would have to be when they are going for a picnic and have to take a boat across the lake. Daddy pig gets stuck with Mr Wolf who says with a suggestive look on his face, ‘I’m getting very hungry’. I also love yesterday’s countries of the world ep. Madame Gazelle is sitting inside strumming her guitar singing peace and harmony through all the world when she can hear the kids fighting. “Oh no the countries of the world are fighting,’ she says. Love it!

    • Oh, I don’t think I’ve seen the hungry wolf one!!!! Shame!!!! How can I call myself a PP expert? (Did I do that?) Oh, yes, I love Madame Gazelle. The whole back story that she taught Daddy Pig… Man, she is really old. But yes, that episode is pure genius!

  8. I freaking love this show. Like it is ACTUALLY one of my OWN favourite shows. The one where the French pen pal comes to a visit. HILARIOUS! The one where Daddy Pig does the fun run to raise money! SIDE SPLITTING! Anyone who doesn’t enjoy Peppa Pig has tired of life. Definitely. Peppa is a GOD to me. A God.

  9. Peppa rules our screens here too. I do love it, but I wish they’d make a few new episodes. We do seem to have had our holiday in Italy about 3000 times now! I laugh when they fall about laughing on their backs – every time! Still funny. I think they’re quite a joyous family despite leaky boats and other daily dilemmas.

    • Oh yes, but for some reason the kids will just watch those same episodes over and over and still sit there giggling! We had one particular afternoon where we had the watch the same episode back to back at least five times. Kids are weird.

  10. The opening music is bewitching. If DS hears that song his life is put on hold as he races to the telly for a hit of the Peppa drug.

  11. Peppa Pig is still my sons favourite show and he’s nearly 6! I love it, too. Short, entertaining episodes that are SO FUNNY! Di @ Max The Unicorn – Visiting via FYBF

  12. I love Peppa for all of the reasons you mentioned and more. I enjoy watching the show where many kids shows I can barely tolerate.

  13. Peppa Pig goes off on Twitter and I never got why. I think where I have missed out is I actually have never sat down next to Mr4 to watch it with all my attention. I will take the time to do this next time. I mean how bad could it be when it only lasts for 300 seconds πŸ™‚
    Becc @ Take Charge Now

  14. I love Peppa Pig, we have a book that you hit the buttons on when there are certain pictures in the book, every kids loves it so much that the thing is now stuck together with sticky tape. The only problem with Peppa Pig is the episodes being so short – I need a Peppa THe MOVIE to come out!

  15. Oh, the twinlets LOVE Peppa Pig! I love how ABC4Kids plays 3 or 4 episodes in a row. It’s like watching a DVD and not having to touch the replay button on the remote!

  16. Peppy is massive in our house too! Muddy puddle fun reigns supreme! I love the episode where they go on a seaside holiday & it’s snowing – even at the beach!! The songs get in your head! My partner will often use the, “I am a bit of an expert at these things!” (Daddy pig classic!).

  17. We love Peppa Pig here (so does mummy) Right now the song is in my head (arrgghh). I too love the camping episode but there are so many great ones. I love. Don’t know what I’d do without ABC2 sometimes (I know that sounds bad but it’s my saviour for 20 minutes when I need it).

    Found you on FYBF.

    • ABC2 is awesome! No ads, and good kids’ TV. I love how they alternate Peppa Pig episodes with their other shows of an evening. Obviously there is just something about Peppa that everyone loves!

  18. I’m impressed you have a favourite episode of Peppa Pig. When Peppa Pig comes on I take the opportunity to get something done in the 5 minutes as I know my son will be glued to the TV and not ask for a thing.

    • Haha, mostly I’m half listening whilst trying to get things done, but I think after they’ve played on repeat so many times, they have seeped into my mind. That said, when I do watch I enjoy it. It really is very clever.

  19. What would we do without the Peppa Pig family. It sure beats Dora too! The only problem is that the episodes are too short and I’m constantly being called to put the next one on! xx #FYBF

    • Yes! I need to work out how to play them consecutively. I love that they’re short and keep the kids’ attention, but I agree, I’m pretty sure that they would pay attention for hours. My daughter is obsessed. It’s a little scary.

  20. Who knew that we all felt so strongly about Peppa Pig!! I couldn’t get dinner started without Peppa Pig screening when it does, and the hypnotic effect it immediatley has on both boys (2 and 5) who I frequently see both standing still and staring at the TV when it is on…. zombied. But we all enjoy it, the humour is priceless and the way they solve problems in each episode… we sing Bing Bong Bingly Bongly Boo and refer to each other as a Clever Clogs periodically too. I just wish ABC2 could have a Peppa Pig hour every weeknight just so I could get dinner on and have time to sit and giggle with the boys too.

  21. I am 100% Peppa Pig converted – it is awesome! to the extent that I put it on for Pumpkin then she goes wandering off and I am left watching it on my own – and I do, I just keep on watching!

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