Ribbit the kindy frog comes to stay

Ribbit the kindy frog came to visit this weekend. We liked him. A lot. He visits with different kids each week, and does exciting things, like riding in trucks and going to the zoo. This weekend, we didn’t do much. It wasn’t very exciting. But here is our story for Ribbit the kindy frog’s journal, anyway, because I’m putting off doing the vacuuming:

We were very excited to have Ribbit come to stay with us this weekend.

Phoebe Shops

Blake Cubby

Ribbit joined us for a game of mums and dads, and took a trip to the shops in the stroller with Phoebe.

It was a rainy weekend (again), but Blake and Ribbit stayed warm and dry in the cubby house that Daddy made from a cardboard box. We pulled faces together. Luckily the wind didn’t change.

We took Ribbit to visit our cousins, who have a special toadstool that Ribbit loved to sit on. That’s our cousin with Blake in the headlock.

Ribbit Toadstool

Ribbit’s favourite thing was reading bedtime stories with us!

Reading Ribbit

We both wanted Ribbit to snuggle in bed with us. In the end, we agreed to take turns. (We really did! You don’t believe us?)

Ribbit Fighting

Thanks for coming to stay, Ribbit! We had a BLAST!!!

P and B xx

(No frogs were harmed in the making of this post. Ribbit’s limbs are still intact.)

Do you have a class pet or mascot? Did it survive its stay at your place?

9 thoughts on “Ribbit the kindy frog comes to stay

  1. Ha OMG yes! Heated discourse followed here over Morocco the Monkey’s sleeping arrangements, and his limbs are long and not-so-sturdy. I have one final question. WHO drew the tiles on your cardboard cubby? I take my hat off to their zen-like patience. 🙂

    • Weeelllllllll… it was the receptionist at Steve’s work. She had to entertain sick Phoebs one day, so Steve made the box, and the lovely receptionist decorated it. Definitely NOT me! Ha! You’re right, those tiles are DEDication!

  2. Bahahaha at Phoebs and Blake in that last photo. Our family has several similar ones that tended to come out during the 21sts….

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