Out and about in Phoenix

We headed off to downtown Phoenix on the light rail to the Arizona Science Center on our last full day in town. It was a welcome respite from the summer’s heat.


The 3D Oceans big screen film was a hit with the kids.


As were the other interactive displays.


The Science Center is located in Heritage Square in the downtown area of Phoenix, so we had lunch at the Rose and Crown English pub in one of the area’s restored historical buildings. The local pale ale is not a bad drop.


Thirst quenched, we wandered through the square (as much as we could handle at lunchtime on a June day in Phoenix – so, rather briefly).


Rosson House is an 1895 Queen Anne Victorian house, now used as a museum. It’s pretty from the outside – it was closed to the public when we visited on a Tuesday, but word is its history of Phoenix and Arizona is well worth a visit if you’re there on a Wednesday to Sunday.


So we meandered back to the light rail.



The rest of our time in Phoenix was spent hanging with the fam – we’ll miss you guys!

Many photo credits: Rachel.

Transportation: Robert’s truck and Rachie’s Tinkerbelle Hyundai.

Next stop: Jerome, Arizona.

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