Arizona Adventures

Hello everyone. It’s been a while since I’ve written, but Raising Explorers is back, for a while. Though I’ve been trying to write this as a ‘travel’ blog over the past few years, the fact is, I’m an English teacher, not a travel blogger. So, I’m going back to basics. Today, this is my travel journal. Nothing fancy; just a record of our holidays.

img_2075(I promise they’re not actually drinking beer – you can see the caps are on, right?)

Phoenix, Arizona

We’re in the USA road-tripping through Arizona and Utah, then flying east to DC, New York and Boston.

My sister-in-law Rachel and her husband Robert live in Phoenix, so it’s our first stop. Smack bang in the middle of the Sonoran desert, temperatures were up in the 40s celsius here in Phoenix last week (mid-June) and I was keen to get here to escape Sydney’s winter cold (ok Sydney’s not that cold but anything under 25 is cold to me). We arrived on a weekend of predicted rain, which is an exciting event for Phoenicians; it doesn’t happen often so were lucky to be here for it. While the predicted thunderstorm didn’t eventuate, we did get to see overcast skies over the city and smell the lingering aroma of a fresh spattering of light rain on the desert dust.

At home in Phoenix

Cousin Nat met us at the corner on her bike and led us home. It’s summer school holidays, so she’s excited to hang out with us.



And we were greeted by six chihuahuas. Lucy particularly enjoys piggy backs.


Phoebs and Blake were excited to get into the pool.



And bro and sis were reunited (pictured here with George the Greatest, Instagram dog superstar – seriously, look him up! @george_the_greatest)


Phoenix Zoo

This is one of Rach, Robert and Nat’s favourite places, so we had to visit. It was a fun morning out.



Hole in the Rock

The Hole in the Rock is the #26 best thing to do in Phoenix on TripAdvisor. It’s just above the zoo and offers a pretty cool view over the city.




Riding with Nat

Nat has been riding since she was five so we went to watch her ride her horse, Baldy, at the Sundancer Stables. Phoebe and Blake had a turn, too.



069B4693-D62C-4083-969A-E6DDABA9B8E3Meanwhile, Blake found the world’s biggest pile of poo.

AC7770E1-5A33-435F-832A-68E7ABB43B69And Uncle Robert found a classic saguaro cactus to pose with (not that it’s very difficult around here – they’re everywhere).


Day 1 DONE!

Blake’s favourite thing: the hole in the rock

Phoebe’s favourite thing: patting a stingray at the zoo

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